Getting Started

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CogniLens App

Step-by-step instructions for using the CogniLens OCR app for iOS.

From the Home screen, tap the yellow button labeled Scan Now to open to camera.

Position your camera over a page or block of nearby text. Hold the camera steady until yellow boxes appear around areas of text. You can pinch and zoom to target more specifically.

Tap a single highlighted text box or tap the document icon in the lower right to scan all text boxes.

Tap the icon in the upper right to open Text Settings. Make adjusts to the settings which include fonts, spacing, colors, vowel sounds, syllables, confusable letter groups, and audio Touchwords. Determine the settings that make it easier for you to read the onscreen text. These settings are stored in the app and are applied to anything you scan. You can adjust the settings at any time.

For convenience, you can share or copy the text you scanned by tapping the Share icon at the top of the screen. Sharing does not share the text with your custom settings; it shares the original pre-processed text.

DyslexiAR app icon


When the DyslexiAR app is released, we'll provide an overview of the app here.

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